TravelKit SA

Ultimate Traveler's Comfort Kit

Take your travel comfort to the next level with the Ultimate Traveler's Comfort Kit. This essential bundle combines our innovative Face Pillow, designed for frontal head support, a metal-free Travel Belt for hassle-free security checks, and the convenient TravelBuzz Bidet for impeccable hygiene wherever your travels take you.

Face Pillow: Machine washable cover. Hand wash inner foam gently.
Travel Belt: Spot clean only.
TravelBuzz Bidet: Rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly after each use.

Face Pillow: Inflate with your mouth to desired firmness and place against any seat back or surface to support the front of your head.
Travel Belt: Adjust to fit around the waist, utilize the foldable pocket for secure storage of essentials.
TravelBuzz Bidet: Fill with water, straighten the tube, flip, and squeeze to clean.

1 x Inflatable Face Pillow
1 x Travel Belt
1 x TravelBuzz Bidet

Travel Belt: Adjustable from 28 in to 46 in (71 cm to 116 cm).
TravelBuzz Bidet: Can be filled at any water source.

Face Pillow: Simple inflation by mouth.
Travel Belt: No tools required, easily adjustable.
TravelBuzz Bidet: Ready to use after filling.

Face Pillow: Ideal for frontal head support while seated during travel, helping prevent neck strain and discomfort.
Travel Belt: Convenient for keeping travel documents and money safe and accessible.
TravelBuzz Bidet: Essential for maintaining personal hygiene on long trips or in places without adequate facilities.