TravelBuzz Bidet

  • The TravelBuzz Shattaf with its 600 ml rubber bottle provides you with comfort wherever you go around the world. To use the Shattaf smoothly all you need is to fill and straighten the tube then flip it and press to let water out.
  • Always ensure the bottle cap is securely tightened to prevent leaks when using the TravelBuzz.

Cleaning: Rinse the TravelBuzz with clean water after each use. Use mild soap if needed. Allow it to air dry completely before storing. Storage: Store the TravelBuzz in its waterproof bag in a cool, dry place.

Fill the 600 ml bottle with water. Screw the cap securely onto the bottle. Use the TravelBuzz for various purposes: Bidet: Perfect for travelers abroad who prefer a bidet. Public Bathroom: Ideal for maintaining hygiene in public restrooms. Female Wash: Can be used for feminine hygiene. Baby Wash: Gentle enough for baby cleaning. Elder Cleaning: Convenient for elderly care. After use, empty any remaining water, rinse, and let the TravelBuzz air dry.

Package contains a waterproof bag.

Fill and straighten the tube then flip it and press to let water out.

Tavelers abroad/ to Europe, expacts, Bathrooms that do not have Shattaf/Bidet, Postpartum, Menstruation, Elderly, Baby Care, Haemorrhoids, Healthcare, People with disabilities, Camping, Maintaining kids hygiene.