Portable Hygiene Shattaf/Bidet

  • Rechargeable Portable hygiene shattaf/ bidet with a max flow 8 liter/min and 2m long hose. Simply submerge the pump in your bucket or tub of water and turn on the motor; it will pump water from the bucket into a steady, gentle shower stream, giving you a nice, flowing shower.
  • Max flow 8 liter/min
  • 2m long hose
  • Contains the pump, shower head and shattaf head in a bag, foldable and contains a USB connection that can be connected to any phone charger.
  • USB connection that can be connected to any phone charger
  • It is recommended for shared bathrooms abroad.
  • If using daily, you can leave the Portable Hygiene Shattaf connected to the water tank. Ensure the charging port is closed securely to prevent any water damage.

Cleaning: Clean the Portable Hygiene Shattaf with water and mild soap when needed. Allow it to dry completely before storage. Storage: Store in a dry place to prevent any damage. Maintenance: Regularly inspect the pump and connections for any signs of wear or damage, always recharge the pump even if you are not using it.

Connect the Portable Hygiene Shattaf pump to a water tank using the hose provided. Ensure all connections are tight to avoid leaks. Press the pump to draw water from the tank. Use as a camping shower or bathroom bidet by directing the water flow as needed. After use, disconnect and store the Portable Hygiene Shattaf in a dry place.

This product operates only with water within the temperature range of 10 °C to 60 °C. Only charge this device with a 5V adapter or less. DO NOT USE MORE THAN 5 VOLTS OF ADAPTOR ON IT!

Tavelers abroad/ to Europe, expacts, Bathrooms that do not have Shattaf/Bidet, Postpartum, Menstruation, Elderly, Baby Care, Haemorrhoids, Healthcare, Camping, Maintaining kids hygiene, Wudu and shower function for the elderly, Pet Bathing, Car Washing, Plants Watering.