Pocket Shattaf/Bidet

  • No matter where you go in the world, the Pocket Shattaf can provide you with comfort at all times. It can be attached to any size of water bottle without the need for a battery.
  • Fits any bottle
  • ABS plastic

Cleaning: Rinse with warm water and mild soap after each use. Ensure it's completely dry before storing. Storage: Store in a clean, dry place when not in use. Maintenance: Check the attachment mechanism regularly for any wear or damage.

Attach the Pocket Shattaf to the opening of a water bottle. Secure the connection to ensure there are no leaks. Use the Pocket Shattaf as a bidet or sprayer by squeezing the bottle gently to release water. After use, detach the Pocket Shattaf, rinse it with water, and let it dry before storing.

Tavelers abroad/ to Europe, expacts, Bathrooms that do not have Shattaf/Bidet, Postpartum, Menstruation, Elderly, Baby Care, Haemorrhoids, Healthcare, People with disabilities, Camping, Maintaining kids hygiene.