Why Bidets Are Not Commonly Available in the USA and Europe

Why Bidets Are Not Commonly Available in the USA and Europe

May 23, 2024TravelKit Team
Bidets are a common bathroom fixture in many parts of the world, particularly in Asia, the Middle East, and parts of Europe. However, their presence is noticeably lacking in the USA and some parts of Europe. Several cultural, historical, and practical reasons contribute to this difference.

Historically, bidets were associated with European high society and were initially found in the bedrooms of the French aristocracy in the 17th century. They were later adopted in Italy and other parts of Europe. However, during World War II, American soldiers encountered bidets in French brothels, leading to a cultural stigma associated with their use. This perception persisted, and bidets never gained popularity in American homes.

Culturally, Americans and some Europeans have different bathroom habits and preferences. The use of toilet paper is deeply ingrained, and many people view bidets as unnecessary or even unsanitary. Additionally, retrofitting bathrooms to accommodate bidets can be expensive and require significant plumbing modifications, making them less appealing to homeowners and renters.

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in bidets in the USA and Europe, driven by increased awareness of their hygiene benefits and environmental advantages. Bidets reduce the need for toilet paper, which can be both costly and harmful to the environment. Despite this, widespread adoption is still limited due to lingering cultural biases and the costs associated with installation.

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